Case studies

“My future is so much brighter and I have made stronger and lifelong friendships”

Moving on successfully

  • Chef
  • IT sales
  • Jockey
  • Probation officer
  • Student
  • Security guard
  • Construction
  • Care work
  • Retail
  • Hospitality

Just £20 a week feeds a homeless young person at Amber

Case studies

Amberteer, V

The chance to start afresh – V came to Amber to escape a violent relationship. More than anything she was looking for a safe place and the chance to start afresh:

‘I needed support to get a job and find somewhere else to live so that I could start my life again. My self-confidence had been knocked out of me severely but it grew a lot at Amber and I needed that before I could start to look for work. Everyone was really accommodating and not judgemental in any way. I really enjoyed the team-building activities, going out on the narrow boat, and I got into fitness at Amber as well and started doing gym work. Now I swim 2-3 times a week and still go to the gym.

Amber gave V the support and encouragement she needed to get a job in retail and she is now a customer service supervisor. However, she’s also a big family person so it was just as important for her that the staff at Amber helped her reconcile with her family:

‘Amber gave me the confidence to go back to my family and say ‘’I’m here; this is who I am; this is me’’. If it wasn’t for Amber I really don’t know where I’d be now.’

Amberteer, K

I was in a very dark place – K spent six months at Amber. His past was ‘a life of crime, drugs, alcohol and being homeless – I was in a very dark place…….Amber helped me grow up and supported me all they possibly could – staff and residents – it kept me safe. It helped me develop new skills, learn new things and discover my passion for working with food. It’s an amazing feeling. I have a bank account, a provisional driving licence, all the things I never had. It really does give you the chance to change your life if you want to.

Amberteer, K

Life is what you make of it – K was a Londoner who had got into the wrong company after the death of his Dad and ended up in prison for armed robbery. His mum was very worried about him coming out of prison and going back to the same crowd and same habits so when he heard about Amber he felt it offered him the chance to make a fresh start somewhere new, without any distractions.   He had never lived independently so he benefitted from the routine of cooking and shopping on a budget and learning the basic skills of finding a home and job-hunting. Even more important perhaps, Amber provided a safe environment in which to ‘find yourself a little bit’, to realise that ‘it’s down to me to start to take the small steps that will eventually lead to my goal…’ K had a friend from prison who had also been at Amber and got a job painting and decorating so he got the qualifications he needed and moved out to share a flat with his mate. Since then he has slowly worked his way into sales and customer service, discovering ability with computers and e-commerce that his led him to a good job in sales with an IT company: ‘I’m in a good place; working and taking things day by day. Bad things happen but life is what you make of it and I believe in making every day count for something.

Amberteer, J
I haven’t looked back – J had a ‘decent upbringing’ but got in with the wrong crowd and began fighting a lot, leading to an eight month prison sentence: I came to Amber a week after getting released from prison and I haven’t looked back since. I got stuck right in and the whole house made me feel welcome. I have learnt a lot in my time here and benefited a lot in different things such as my temper, friends and getting my life back on track. I have just landed a job as a care assistant which is caring for the elderly and also studying a criminology course, which will get me to my ultimate dream of going to university to become an offender manager and help young people who are trying to get their life back on track. I am really glad I came to Amber – it’s given me the boost that I needed and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to change for the better.
Amberteer, X

Amberteer-XI was abused by a family friend from a young age but no-one realised. When eventually it was discovered, the man was sentenced to just 3 years. What a big sentence for scarring my life for ever…

This is where my life turned upside down. I got expelled from every school I went to and smoked weed all the time, so at 12 yrs old my parents signed me into care. I suppose they did that to try and help me out but it was the start of a downward spiral into drug addiction, burglaries, stealing, homelessness and ultimately prison where I heard about Amber.

When I first arrived at Amber I was very unsettled and ended up getting suspended for two weeks, which made me realise that if I wanted to sort out my life I was going to have to work very hard. I quickly realised that the more I helped myself, the more Amber would help me achieve what I wanted in life, which they have. Not only do I have a great relationship with my kids and family because of the progress I have made, I also have my own flat and a great job in customer service. I am very lucky to have what I have and so grateful to Amber.

Amberteer, D

Amberteer-DBefore going to Amber I weighed just 5 stone, had a major drug addiction and was fighting to control my drinking while trying to find somewhere to call home. After only a week at Amber I started to feel like my life was piecing itself together. I was receiving 24 hour support 7 days a week, I had someone to listen and talk to, staff and Amberteers, and I always received the best possible advice or help…

So what was it that actually changed me? Well my team leader for one! he wasn’t just a worker, he was my inspiration. He helped me deal with my debt’s, open a bank account, build family bonds back up, pushed me to follow my ‘dreams and desires’ and above all he believed in me, and that’s something I had never had. Amber staff put 110% into the Amberteers.

It was cooking for 30 people that first made me believe, yeah! I am good at something, then becoming team rep gave me the confidence to speak up and help, and now the ongoing commitment by staff who continue to ensure I am behaving myself and doing well. I must admit since leaving Amber I have found it hard – not living with 30+ people, not having someone to talk to when you desperately need it and not having that controlled environment – but after a few little bumps I am now very much independent!! I have a full time job, I have my driving theory soon, I can control my money and savings! I can go out for just ONE drink and I have learnt and said the word No more times than I can remember.

I would just like you to know that my time at Amber was one of the most memorable moments of my life. I will never forget the hard work, time and commitment that I put into becoming who I am now. I cried, screamed, threw tantrums and refused to clear up my plate! At times I even locked myself away in my room because I was so scared of living life sober as it meant facing my mistakes and dealing with my thoughts, something I have always been scared of. But once again Amber was there to pick me up, brush me off and point me back to the path I had missed before.

I really don’t know where I would be without Amber.

Amberteer, K

Amberteer-KI was too eager to live by myself and as soon as I got a job I moved out of home. That’s when things started to go wrong…

I lost my job shortly after leaving home which really knocked my confidence and I had to move back home. But with no job I became bored and de-motivated and I started to drink quite a lot. Soon I’d moved from just drinking at weekends to not being able to go a day without getting drunk. Being dependent on alcohol just worsened my anxiety problems, and I found it difficult to leave the house, but of course I didn’t realise that, so I drank more to give me confidence to go out .

I did then get help from a therapist and eventually I got another job which I really enjoyed, and a room in a house share, but the anxiety returned and I became unreliable. Once again I turned to drink to help me through the day. I would go to work hung-over, even drunk, and find I was missing portions of memory because I was drinking so much. After a while I lost this job and was facing homelessness because I couldn’t pay the rent.

I’d caused so much heartache to my Mum and family that I just couldn’t go back home, so I went to the Council and they told me about Amber.

Amber pushed me out of my comfort zone because I couldn’t use drink as a prop, and when I felt so ill because I wasn’t drinking the staff were brilliant and helped me through it. The routine at Amber was just what I needed to give me a reason to get up every day and soon I was feeling more confident, learning a lot of new things, meeting new people and making good friends. When I began to apply for jobs the staff gave me help and advice with how to go about it and the very first interview I had I got the job!

A year later I am still in the same job, working as a chef in Café Rouge. The job was a new start for me in a new area of the country and I am so glad I didn’t go back home because I am sure the temptation to go back to living the way I was would have been too strong. I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved and I could never have done that without Amber.

Amberteer, S

Amberteer-SI was living at home but getting into so much trouble that the police were regularly knocking at the door…

I was hanging around with the wrong crowd – I see that now – getting more and more into drugs and with every pay packet I’d put buying drugs before paying for my rent and food. I would stay in all day and get stoned, which wasn’t fair on Mum. My life was going nowhere.

Mum told me I had to sort myself out or I’d end up in prison or dead and looking on the internet I found Amber. I wasn’t sure at first and felt nervous at leaving my family and friends, although they were not good friends, but I gave Amber a go and haven’t looked back since.

I was quiet at first and didn’t talk much but the staff always recognised when I was struggling and they helped me get through it. Then the more involved I got with the activities and opportunities Amber offers, such as going to Bulgaria for two weeks to help refurbish an orphanage and going on the Rona II sailing yacht in Dublin to deliver her back to Southampton where the Rona Sailing Project is based, the more confident I became.

I left Amber a year ago having got work experience in a garage. I’m now employed there full time helping with MOTs and working towards being fully qualified to do them myself. A while ago my lung collapsed and I was off work for a few months but the garage was brilliant and held the job open for me, so I feel they must be pleased with my work, which is a great feeling.