Business Executives create Christmas song to help young homeless….and it’s really catchy!

Business Executives create Christmas song to help young homeless….and it’s really catchy!


Donwload now! Christmas isn’t Christmas   cost – 99p

Representatives from leading businesses from across the UK came together to write, perform and release a Christmas Song In A Day. Proceeds from the sale of the song will be donated to The Amber Foundation – a charity that supports homeless and unemployed young people in crisis.

Christmas Isn’t Christmas is a song all about the things that make Christmas special to each of us. It’s the little sentiments, different expressions of love and friendship, weird family members and special friends.

Written in just four hundred and fifty minutes, a fitting name of 4 FIVE ZERO was invented for the ‘band’ who didn’t just write a song, but also considered branding, marketing and the commercial challenges of releasing music to the world.

Song In a Day is an Unforgettable Learning Experienced masterminded by the Learning and Development company Two Bald Blokes. Participants are taken through the challenging process of songwriting and are supported by industry professionals including a songwriter, producer, vocal coach and branding expert. The challenges faced are important learning in the real world of business.

Tim Keehner, Director of Two Bald Blokes “It’s incredible to see how much people learn in just one day. They are pushed to their creative limits to produce a song that will stand up as a quality piece of music in competitive market. The achievement is amazing and it’s very satisfying to see the energy and confidence levels increase over the day.”

4 Five Zero’s sound is heartfelt, honest and accessible; there are no egos here, just a drive to write music that means something in the real world.

Christmas Isn’t Christmas by 4 FIVE ZERO is available on iTunes now. 


Claire Miller, The Amber Foundation. 01769 582020, 07808531699


The Amber Foundation helps homeless young people to turn their lives around. Young people can become homeless for a variety of reasons, often through no fault of their own, and this experience shouldn’t define the rest of their lives.

Amber provides young people in crisis with supported accommodation and a range of opportunities and training that lead to; qualifications, work experience, independent living skills, new hobbies and interests and a clearer vision of what they want to achieve in the future. During the past five years over 80% of Amber residents have moved into education, employment, voluntary work or have achieved a major life goal. All have moved into safe, independent accommodation.

ABOUT TWO BALD BLOKES and song in a day

Two Bald Blokes is a Learning and Development company that engages people in Unforgettable Learning Experiences. Song In A Day is just one of these experiences. People come together, with little or no experience, to write, record and release an original piece of music in a day. Supported by Two Bald Blokes facilitators and industry experts, participants follow a series of exercises to make their song release possible. This includes branding and marketing, vocal coaching and even a DJ masterclass.