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“I feel like the old me – the person I was before I decided to throw my life away”

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  • Take control of your life
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  • Develop your skills and experience
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  • Focus on the future
  • Move on successfully

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We can help

If you are 16 to 30 – homeless or unemployed – and you don’t know where to turn, we can help.

You may be out of work because you have nowhere to live or homeless because you’ve been in trouble with the law or fallen out with your family or partner. Perhaps you have been in care or you are trying to recover from drug or alcohol addiction. Whatever the reason, we may be able to offer you a way forward.

Amber provides a safe place to live and a committed team of people who can support you. Under their guidance and with the support of your peers, you can tackle your demons, develop your skills and experience and focus firmly on your potential and a brighter future.

Amber will only work if you want it to. If you are committed to taking control of your life and making the most of the opportunities we offer, please get in touch.