Young People’s Stories

“My future is so much brighter and I have made stronger and lifelong friendships”

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  • £15 a week will fund personal development and teamwork activities
  • £25 a week will feed an Amber resident
  • £29 will fund a therapy session supporting residents come to terms what their pasts
  • £126 will fund the costs of a team gaining qualifications in housing related subjects, providing a passport to accommodation with potential landlords
  • £280 will fund a trip out fora team of residents to experience something new.

Adam’s Story

Adam is fast approaching 32, a proud father to two daughters and works as a chef on the seafront in Exmouth.  12 years ago, his life was rather different.

 “I had a problem with drugs which I managed to kick but then I just replaced them with drinking excessively. I was on and off the streets in Exeter for a couple of years. I used Nightstop a bit and the staff there referred me to Amber.”

Adam spent 8 months living at Amber’s residential centre in Devon. “I was able to take a step back and re- evaluate my life. I broke down all my problems into manageable chunks then worked to make gradual changes in my life. “It really helped me get back to basics and learn to be a functioning person in society like apply for and keep a flat and how to look after myself.”

“When I arrived at Amber I had no qualifications at all but I was able to do a literacy and numeracy course while I was there and take courses in communication skills, leadership and team work. I’ve always really liked cooking and spent a lot of time in the kitchen at Amber.”

After leaving Amber Adam had a relapse and ended up in rehab again. “I was able to draw on what I learnt at Amber to support my recovery again- breaking my problems down and dealing with them one by one.”

Adam has had various jobs in the last 10 years until 2 years ago he got a job waiting tables at the marine camp. This led to a full time apprenticeship as a chef and he is now fully qualified. Last year he started a new job as a commis chef, within 4 months he was promoted to sous chef. Adam doesn’t know where he’d be now if it wasn’t for Amber

“I would probably still be doing drugs or drinking heavily. I may have even drunk myself to death.”