What is Amber

We see the potential in everyone

What young people gain

  • 24 hour residential support
  • Community engagement
  • Motivation and self-belief
  • Counselling and peer support
  • Tenancy skills
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Fun and inspiration
  • Hygiene and diet
  • Health and safety
  • Job seeking skills
  • Access to vocational training
  • Volunteering and work experience
  • Help finding accommodation

What is Amber

We see the potential in everyone. Based at three residential centres in Devon, Wiltshire and Surrey, we offer a supported housing environment that’s a little bit different. Not just training and support to address specific personal issues but new experiences and opportunities that raise aspiration and challenge residents to take responsibility for their lives and move forward positively.

Based around our model of ‘dreams and desires’ we provide each individual with a bespoke, practical programme of activities that builds their skills and qualifications, develops their resilience and purpose, improves their confidence and wellbeing and focuses firmly on their strengths and interests. Ultimately our aim is to help as many young people as possible move on to sustainable work, a secure home and a fulfilling future.

Young people who come to Amber are aged from 16 to 30 and share their home with a community of around 30 others. The average stay is 6 to 12 months but there is no fixed limit. We have clearly enforced rules and a tight structure to the week at Amber but it’s also a fun a caring place to be – a temporary home that offers the time, space, support and encouragement that young people so often need to turn their lives around.

We work in small teams and focus on four key areas – accommodation; employment; health and wellbeing; fun and participation. Based around a core weekly timetable, our staff deliver or facilitate a programme of training and activities that includes:

  • Practical life skills such as cooking , cleaning, tenancy and financial management
  • Team working, peer support, core educational skills and communications
  • Creative projects involving art, crafts, music, film and drama
  • Giving back, community engagement and volunteering
  • Work experience, CV writing and mock interviews

More than anything, Amber is like an extended family – and we’re always there.