What to expect

“It’s not like a normal hostel that just gives you a roof over your head”

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“Before going to Amber I weighed just 5 stone, had a major drug addiction and was fighting to control my drinking while trying to find somewhere to call home. After only a week at Amber I started to feel like my life was piecing itself together. I was receiving 24 hour support, 7 days a week. I had someone to listen and talk to, staff and Amberteers, and I always received the best possible advice or help…

So what was it that actually changed me? Well my team leader for one! He wasn’t just a worker, he was my inspiration. He helped me deal with my debts, open a bank account, build family bonds back up, pushed me to follow my ‘dreams and desires’ and above all he believed in me, and that’s something I had never had.”

What to expect

We work in small teams and focus on four key areas – accommodation; employment; health and wellbeing; fun and participation. Based around a core weekly timetable, our staff deliver a programme of training and activities that includes:

  • Life skills such as cooking , cleaning, tenancy and financial management
  • Team working, peer support, core educational skills and practical qualifications
  • Creative projects involving art, crafts, music, film and drama
  • Giving back, community engagement and volunteering at home and abroad
  • Work experience, CV writing and mock interviews
  • Move on support










On arrival you will join your team of up to nine others, led by a Team Leader who will be your mentor throughout your time at Amber. Our centres are activity-orientated, with plenty going on, so there is something for everyone. Each team has daily tasks and takes turns with the cooking for the whole house. We have some simple rules and a pretty tight structure to the working week – all designed to keep you safe and help you thrive.

More than anything, we want you to be successful, to have fun and learn new skills, to make friends and learn to live and work with others. To rediscover your potential and find the motivation and practical know-how to achieve your own personal goals. And ultimately, we hope you will move on to a job or work-related training and a secure place to live, better equipped to sustain your progress.