Ashley Court

Up to 30 young people stay at Ashley Court at any one time

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Ashley Court

Surrounded by beautiful countryside, Ashley Court has extensive house facilities that include a gym, music room, art room, computer room and recreation room. In the grounds around the house are a football pitch and tennis courts and a small wood. Peaceful yet close to local amenities and a railway station, Amber’s Ashley Court centre in Devon gives young people the time and space to rebuild their lives. Up to 30 young people stay at Ashley Court at any one time. Teamwork plays a crucial part and under the guidance of Team Leaders young people learn to respect and support each other which we believe is as valuable as the more practical skills we teach. This is enhanced by our Personal Development Programme and Teamwork and Leadership Course that involve personal fitness and a wide range of outdoor activities that help young people gain confidence, build self-esteem, learn to communicate better, and improve their problem-solving and team-working skills. We value our working relationship with the local community and have helped with a number of projects, such as renovating a local youth club and helping restore a ‘long walk’ on a nearby estate.

“Thank you for the brilliant effort you made on our behalf in providing 10 Scarecrows for the Chawleigh Scarecrow Competition. Thanks to you, 10 residents who were unable to make their own, were able to join in this community event. It is great that Amber is able to participate in our community in this way and it is much appreciated.” – Chawleigh resident

For information on referring young people to Ashley Court, contact Jennie Rubel.

Mobile: 07879 415883

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